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Kind of stuck figuring out what to get? I can help. Unlike most Gun Dealers, I listen to your needs. I don't try to sell you what I have in the store just to get rid of it. You are welcome to handle the different types of guns and based on your needs, how it feels and your budget, I can give you some direction.  

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Open Monday - Friday 9AM-7PM Sat 9AM - 3PM

Full Service Shop for current inventory or Shop From the Comfort of Your Computer for Thousands of Items at Great Prices at www.GalleryofGuns.Com - Transfers are welcome $35.00. We have new and Used Guns for sale. We accept consignments and also buy guns straight out. I sell most guns on a web site that gives you Nation Wide Exposure. Fast Sales for a Fair Market Price. I have the ability to market collections of any size.